Our Organic CBD Oil

Safe CBD oil is organic and natural meaning we let the plant work for you. We do not add any isolate or broad spectrum CBD to our products so the colour is dark green (not golden, like the cheap stuff!). We simply squeeze the plant and bottle it to produce the most organic CBD. It’s why our CBDA content is so high in comparison and we have over 120+ beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes present in our oil.

Safe CBD has a very organic taste and is a lot stronger than you will expect, due to our unique CBDA formula. We don’t use alcohol extraction and we don’t heat up and burn the cannabinoids and terpenes making our product much more efficient and absorbable.

Our Partners

Safe CBD is lucky to work with some fantastic companies in the CBD industry and we continue to expand our partners. Check them out for education, legislation/ compliance and information on CBD oil.

CBD Releaf

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