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Safe CBD was setup for personal reasons by both the owners, and was never intended to be a business! They wanted to create a product for their personal use and it worked for them. After giving it to a few friends and family members, word quickly spread that Safe CBD works! Founded in 2019 in the United Kingdom Safe CBD has quickly became a favourite with our customers. We are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne & Hexham and specialise in organic CBD oil! We formulated a higher level of CBDA as we found this to be more effective and we pride ourselves on safety and compliance within the UK and Europe. All of our CBD oils are fully legal in the UK. 

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Why Safe CBD?

Safe CBD is proud of our only product because it works. We specialise in CBD oil and have produced the highest quality organic CBD oil in the UK. We developed our unique formulae of CBD & CBDA which includes over 120+ beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Giving you the strongest, organic CBD oil! Our extraction method is done via a process that uses cold pressure to pull the desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. This is how we extract the essential cannabinoids and terpenes without damaging them, producing the most organic CBD oil.

Safe CBD has been through rigorous checks and is proud to present you with the compliance letter from the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association), this can be viewed below:

CBD Research & Technical Stuff

Safe CBD has done a lot of research into the CBD industry and found a lot of research into CBDA as being more effective and its completely organic and present in our oil. We conducted this research as we care about our product and the potential of it. We are happy to share the below research we have found.

After tailoring our product for over 6 months, through customer feedback and trials, we found that the higher the CBDA content the more effective and better our CBD oil became. Through focusing on an organic CBD oil we wanted to make sure our CBDA content was similar if not more available in our CBD. We wanted to help! We are proud of the quality of our CBD oil and always have two lab reports so you know exactly what is in our CBD oil. We focused on one CBD product to make the best of the best and we believe we have certainly achieved that! Our designs are to protect the CBD molecules and phytocannabinoids. Our packaging is always black to stop any light from entering the CBD and destabilising it! We pride ourselves on detail and its the little things that make a big difference and that is why we are the best We also have a customer support line for any CBD related questions and we are always available on social media to educate and help! We care about our customers and they are the reason we created our CBD company. Knowing we are helping people get a better quality of life makes us love what we do! 

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